I am delighted to share with you some beautiful memories and gorgeous photographs of the launch of Sweet Fighting Man - Volume II, which took place at the On-Anon Club in Piccadilly Circus on 10th October 2007 and was kindly organised on my behalf by the Lonsdale International Sporting Club. 

It was one of the best days of my life.  Boxers who attended from the book were Clinton McKenzie, Bob ‘BF’ Williams, Teddy Lewis, Mark Rowe, Bill Chevalley, Michael Sprott, Ivor ‘The Engine’ Jones, Colin Lake, Sylvester Mittee, Tony Booth and James Cook MBE. 

 Also, a number of the guest speakers in the book were present, but if I were to mention all their names I think I would have to build a separate website!

Bob 'BF' Williams [left] with Michael Sprott [right]

Sylvester Mittee [left] with James Cook [right]

Driving to London for the big day, I had with me in the car my good friend of many years Tommy Eastwood (who crops up at various stages in the book), his son Charlie, and my friend Lloyd Dyer (who has done a wonderful job of designing this website for me).  Unfortunately, on the way there we fell foul of sat-nav, so we walked in at one minute to 12, a minute before the kick off!  However, in a way that was nice because the place was already buzzing and, when we arrived just in the nick of time, we were given a proper hero’s welcome.

There was a big contingent from LEBA present, and it was fantastic to see the younger boxers mixing with the older ones and sharing their experiences.  Everywhere one looked, there were lovely smiling faces and it was very moving for me to see the red, white and blue of the book all over the place. 

Bernard Hart from Lonsdale did the most wonderful job of organising the launch and that man has given me so much support and guidance, it’s unbelievable. 

Billy Aird [left], Johnny Winter [center] and Clinton McKenzie [right]

[from left to right] Tommy Eastwood, Tony Booth, James Cook, Myself, Champ, Clinton McKenzie, Michael Sprott and Sylvester Mittee.

Eric Guy took all the photographs and he was a very busy man on the day.  Everywhere you looked, there was Eric with his camera.  The only payment he would accept for his hard work was a signed copy of the book, which was indicative of the spirit of the day.

So many books got sold that by the end of the day I had writers’ cramp from all the signing.  And talking about signing, the boxers kept themselves so busy, autographing books and socialising with everybody present.  They are a spectacular bunch of human beings, and they effortlessly charmed one and all with their sparking personalities and colourful banter.  They all stayed right up until the end and I was so proud of each and every one of them.

The day over, and a mission successfully accomplished, it was time for Tommy, Charlie, Lloyd and myself to jump back in the car and head back to Surrey.  Before I started the car I made a move to switch on the sat-nave, but Tommy told me to forget about the sat-nav, or else he’d throw it out of the window!  Anyway, Tommy’s directions were much better and we all arrived home in one piece with big smiles on our faces.

The feedback I received after the launch was quite overwhelming.  The main thing is that everybody had a wonderful day.  It was the best launch that Sweet Fighting Man - Volume II could ever have had.



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