Charlie Wright [left] & Paul Fairweather [right]
from the LEBA comittee

I have been a member of the London Ex Boxers Association (LEBA) for over ten years. Through LEBA, I have met hundreds of boxers from the past and present, all of whom congregate on the first Sunday of every month. Since joining this fabulous organisation, I have rarely missed a monthly meeting. It puts me in mind of going to church, and indeed, miracles happen there all the time. Our current meeting place is the Litten Tree Pub in Old Street and the meetings start at 11.00 am.

Here is an excerpt from Sweet Fighting Man, which describes my first impressions of LEBA from all those years ago ( Sweet Fighting Man, by Melanie Lloyd):

“The thing is with LEBA is that, although a strong element of chaos never fails to abound, at the same time so much is achieved. Not only do they look after their own, but they also maintain strong links with other Ex-Boxers Associations all over the country, many of whom visit the London version on a regular basis for a good old fashioned knees-up. LEBA also does a lot of work for charities and a month does not go by when these fabulous stalwarts of the pugilistic world do not help somebody somewhere.

There is no class system at LEBA. Old booth fighters and World champions proudly rub powerful shoulders, and it’s not just for the golden oldies. It was at LEBA that I first met Colin Dunne and Alan Minter, and Spencer Oliver is also a member. During my time there I get so many hugs and kisses that I have to re-apply my lipstick several times! The LEBA motto is ‘It’s nice to belong,’ and that’s a sure thing. It’s brilliant and I would not miss it for the world.”

Myself [left] and Sylvester Mittee [right]

Ross Minter [left] and Bobby Neil [right]

Myself [left] and Joe Somerville [right]

Myself [left] and Dennis Pinching [right]




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