Reviews of Sweet Fighting Man: Volume I



"Sweet Writing Woman - This 208-page collection of profiles of some of British boxing's most interesting practioners, past and present, is the sort of book that mainstream publishers should be actively encouraging.  But, as it is not about Muhammad Ali, there is not much chance of that.  All the profiles are based on interviews - in Howard Winstone's case, the last one he ever gave before his untimely death in September 2000.  Lloyd presents her material in a clear and concise manner, and without intruding unncessarily on her subjects' stories.  I was going to end with the suggestion that Melanie waste no time in producing another book on the same lines.  But I hear she is already doing so, which is excellent news.  As Peter Buckley trenchantly observes 'Boxing ain't tennis', but with Sweet Fighting Man, Lloyd has served up a real ace.  Highly recommended."


BOXING NEWS (Tony Connolly):

"Sweet Fighting Book from Mel - Melanie Lloyd, who we meet often at ringside at shows, has brought out a book which is a superb read.  Called Sweet Fighting Man, it contains interviews with 14 British boxers past and present.  Lloyd has got many of them talking like only a woman can.  That is, they have opened their hearts.  Every one of the 14 interviews is hugely interesting.  This book will bring a lump to your throat time after time.  This book is a must for the British boxing fan.






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