“Melanie Lloyd is from Wales, the home of so many outstanding champions, so it’s no wonder that she has a feel for the sport and a great rapport with fighters. Because of her knowledge, Melanie is highly respected by the men she writes about. Because of her warm personality, they reveal their innermost thoughts to her which they probably wouldn’t share with their own mothers!”

Colin Hart, The Sun

“Melanie Lloyd has adopted a style that seems to be everlasting. To read the boxers’ heartfelt comments is indeed a delight. Everyone wants to have their life and career highlighted by Melanie.”

Steve Holdsworth, former professional boxer, referee, MC, writer and Eurosport commentator

“Melanie understands the boxing game and the boxing game understands Melanie. That’s why fighters speak to her the way they do.”

James Cook MBE, former British and European super-middleweight champion, and guardian of the streets of Hackney

“Melanie Lloyd has done it again. This is her third volume, and she has made her subjects (of which I am one) dig deep down to come up with original stories that are bound to inform and entertain the reader. Melanie writes with compassion about the fighters who undertake their brutal trade, and with an uncanny understanding of why they must.”

Bunny Johnson, first black British heavyweight champion

“Being interviewed by Melanie is like speaking to a friend. We feel safe and secure enough to tell it as it is, because we know our thoughts and feelings are going to be portrayed with the bitter-sweetness that we intended and without being taken out of context.”

Sylvester Mittee, former Olympian, and British and Commonwealth welterweight champion

“When it comes to boxing, Melanie Lloyd has got years of experience behind her. She’s been involved with the amateurs and the pros, and she knows the game very well. The way she puts things across, she’s very gifted. When Melanie describes a time or a place, it’s like she really takes you there.”

Colin Lake, former jockey, lightweight boxing contender and highly respected trainer

“Boxers are a rare breed. We don’t think straight. It can be life or death in there, with real consequences. We find the courage to step up, overcome our fears and take the risk, and Melanie really gets that. She realises what it’s all about.”

Billy Schwer, former British, Commonwealth and European lightweight champion, and world super-lightweight champion