By Melanie Lloyd

Introducing the Third Volume in the Sweet Fighting Man Series

Sweet Fighting Man (Ring of Truth) is based on a collection of interviews with British Boxers, from journeymen to champions. The book covers a timespan of over 50 years and features some classic boxing personalities, such as Dave ‘Boy’ Green, the ever-popular British and European champion who challenged for world titles against Carlos Palomino and Sugar Ray Leonard, Bunny Johnson, the first ever black British heavyweight champion, and Joe Somerville, the jovial journeyman who had literally thousands of fights in the lurid environment of the boxing booths.

Each chapter is an individual performance, giving a true flavour of the characters involved. Their thought-provoking reflections proffer a unique insight into the often rollercoaster life of a professional boxer. The interviewees also speak about many aspects of their lives away from the ring. As they drop their guards and open their hearts, the deliver many laugh-out-loud moments along the way.

SFM – Book One

Published 2002

SFM – Book Two

Published 2007

What They Say

“Fans who read this book will have a far greater understanding of what makes fighters tick, and also why they chose to earn their living in the most hostile and hazardous workplace of all.”

Colin Hart (The Sun)

“What is humbling about this book is that they really don’t make boxers in the mold of the ones covered by Melanie Lloyd these days, and they probably never will again.”

Paul Mason (TheWorldBoxingWall.com)

“If you are a collector of boxing books and you haven’t got this one in your library, it’s like being a wristwatch collector and not owning a Rolex.”

Colin Dunne: Former world lightweight champion (Amazon review)