Melanie Lloyd [author]

Melanie Lloyd became a boxing fan in late November 1986, when she saw Mike Tyson win his first World Title against Trevor Berbick.  After that, her life was never the same again.  Since then, through writing her Sweet Fighting Man books Melanie has become the best known female boxing writer in Britain today. By her own admission, she is practically married to boxing.  She is passionate about the sport and those who participate in it, and she has a way of getting her interview subjects to open their hearts.  Perhaps that is down to the woman’s touch; who knows?  She is currently working on Sweet Fighting Man - Volume III, so watch this space!



Hello and welcome to my website.  Since writing Sweet Fighting Man, and the subsequent Volume II (published October 2007), it seems that the concept has really caught on.  The purpose of my books is to give the reader an insight into what boxing is all about, from the World champions to the journeymen who play a big part in keeping the sport alive today.

Inside, you will find profiles of the boxers included in both books, some excerpts from each chapter, together with exclusive pictures of the launches and some personal anecdotes on the creation of the Sweet Fighting Man series.  I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you some of my experiences of life in the boxing world, and what a wonderful world it is!


"Over the years I have watched this author 'mature' in boxing terms.  Melanie Lloyd's Sweet Fighting Man - Volume II draws you in and, once you pick it up, you don't want to put it down.  It grabs you.

As in the original Sweet Fighting Man, Melanie's obvious enthusiasm and compassion for the people who do their thing in the ring comes through clearly.  She has risen literally from the competent six rounder level to title class.  Because she cares so much, it shows in the writing.

Nice one, Melanie!"

Reg Gutteridge OBE




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